Our values

Alignment of interest

All Bernheim, Dreyfus & Co.’s employees invest a significant part of their liquid worth in the funds managed by the company.


We provide our investors with the highest level of transparency on our portfolios and send every month a detailed reporting and letter to investors.

Rigorous investment process

Our investment team manages securities portfolios with a relentless quest for even greater performance. They pick stocks on the basis of strong convictions which are forged independent of the passing trends woven by reference indices.

Sophisticated risk management

Risk management is a vital component of our investment process. We manage risk by monitoring the complexities and risks of our portfolios, synthesizing tactical views with investment policy to make or recommend re-balancing decisions, ensuring adherence to investment guidelines and reviewing performance relative to expectations.

Collegiate decision making process

All our portfolio management decisions are made unanimously so that we can assure our clients of the consistency of our management process.


Recurring doubt as to the market crowd, which tends to follow a herd-like mentality and is subject to exaggeration and irrationality.