Managed Accounts


We offer managed accounts services.

Your separately managed account is a customized portfolio of investments (stocks, bonds, other asset classes).

With a separately managed account you enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive consulting process with a professional investment manager and a personalized investment portfolio tailored to meet your specific needs.You will benefit from great transparency, liquidity and control: you have the option to specify investment restrictions (e.g. no investments in a particular industry), and you may request tax-loss selling. One all-inclusive fee arrangement covers all the services we provide. A portion of the annualized fee, based on the total value of your portfolio, is charged to your account semi-annually.

We help you assess your goals, address your financial concerns, and monitor your progress.

The Consulting Process

Our tailored consulting process enables you to access the investment management knowledge of our experienced portfolio managers.

1. Establishment of Goal and Objectives:
We help you define your specific financial objectives and determine your investment style.

2. Product Search and Selection:
We will conduct a screening to identify products and/or investment themes that are consistent with your requirements and risk-return preferences. The products and themes will be presented to you to select the investments you think are most suitable.

3. Ongoing Monitoring
We monitor your portfolio's performance and assess its consistence with your objectives. You will receive a comprehensive report each month.